DMS ICA: Bahrain ICS Cybersecurity Webinar 2021

13th December 2021 | 10:00AM (GMT+03:00)
Bahrain - Webinar

About the Conference

DMS Global is delighted to announce that the DMS ICA: Bahrain ICS Cybersecurity Webinar 2021 will be held at on 13th December 2021.  The event features several technical sessions and workshops that are designed to cover innovative technologies and solutions to the pressing technical challenges of today.

The digital transformation brought complex cyber security challenges into OT environments, which changed the cyber threat range. While ransomware was a common threat targeting OT/ICS environments, more complicated attacks took out the lead. For example, supply chain attacks, advanced persistent threat attacks, and quadruple extortion attacks. The Colonial and Kaseya breaches were clear examples of such attacks. 

Join us on Monday, 13th December from 10am - 11:30am Bahrain local time (GMT+3) as DMS Global brings together industry experts for the DMS ICA: Bahrain ICS Cybersecurity Webinar 2021. As they discuss how securing OT/ICS environments by utilizing controls like breach detection, intrusion detection and prevention, virtual patching, segmentation, and protocol trust listing will help enterprises build a strong security posture that includes both IT and OT to ensure their safety. 

Conference Topics

  • Introduction to ISA 62443 ICS Cyber Security Risk Assessment
  • Securing OT/ICS Environments by Utilizing Controls