DMS ICA: Enhancing OT Integrity with Sensor Data Reconciliation

1st July 2021 | 10:00AM (GMT+04:00)

About the Conference

As more OT Networks become connected to enterprise networks and even the Internet, OT cybersecurity continues to be a rising concern. If attackers do break into the OT network, would they spend weeks or months trying to find a zero-day vulnerability? Or would they perform a reconnaissance of the OT network to identify publicly announced vulnerabilities and exploit them? If OT asset owners don’t remediate OT vulnerabilities, attackers will take advantage of them – it’s a matter of who finds them first.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • The biggest security gaps and OT vulnerabilities
  • Challenges of OT configuration and change management
  • Overview and use cases of sensor data integrity 

Conference Topics

  • Ensuring OT Integrity and Establishing a Risk-based Approach to Manage OT Vulnerabilities
  • Introduction to PAS 7040:2019 Digital Manufacturing – Trustworthiness and Precision of Networked Sensors