DMS ICA: Oman ICS/OT Cybersecurity Webinar 2021 – Zero Trust, CARTA and CSMS

27th May 2021 | 10:00AM (GMT+04:00)

About the Conference

IT and OT are increasingly becoming one and the same entity - and are approaching a common set of business goals and objectives for the future of many industries. Driven by the increase of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Industry 4.0, and new business opportunities presented by digital transformation; many organizations in the energy sector are already entering the IT/OT integration journey and embracing the benefits as well as risks associated with such business models.  

In light of emerging cyber threats in this new integrated environment, the need for a reliable but innovative approach to security beyond the traditional defense has become a necessity. It is also highly critical to implement strategic changes to cyber security management systems to improve an organization’s OT security posture. 

Conference Topics

  • Decipher the Value of Zero Trust and CARTA in Operational Technology (OT)
  • Assess, Remediate and Manage: A Continuous Process Towards Improving OT Security Posture.