DMS ICA: Understanding Operational Technology Risks and Adopting Cybersecurity Best Practices

28th September 2021 | 04:00PM (GMT+03:00)

About the Conference

Industrial Control Systems (ICS) are critical components to performing well in the safety, environmental, and cost areas. As more OT networks become connected to enterprise networks and even the internet, OT cybersecurity continues to be a rising concern. If attackers break into the OT network, would they spend weeks or months trying to find a zero-day vulnerability? Or would they perform a reconnaissance of the OT network to identify publicly announced vulnerabilities and exploit them? If OT asset owners don’t remediate OT vulnerabilities, attackers will take advantage of them – it’s a matter of who finds them first. Providing tools to OT/ICS cybersecurity team to help them spot and understand critical OT vulnerabilities will make them more efficient in achieving the ultimate goal of secure and safe operations.

Moreover, industrial operations must increase focus on cybersecurity while maintaining continuous vigilance on safety. Several systems are put in place to monitor the risks to safety, cost, and the environment. An alarm is a call to action by the operator to intervene in the process, to correct an abnormal condition. If the mitigation is unsuccessful, properly functioning IPLs - such as safety systems - are critical to ensure the process is shutdown or managed effectively to produce minimal harm to people or the environment. Critical infrastructures need to ensure process safety in the face of unprecedented opportunity and risk to minimize the occurrence and consequences of an incident.

In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • The critical security gaps and OT vulnerabilities
  • The challenges of OT configuration and change management
  • Improving operator situation awareness by focusing on the alarms that matter most
  • Monitoring the independent protection layers (IPLs) to ensure safe and reliable operations

Conference Topics

  • Knowing Industrial Control System (ICS) Cyber and Operational Risk Posture to Enhance Operational Technology (OT) Cybersecurity
  • Introduction to PAS 7040:2019 Digital Manufacturing – Trustworthiness and Precision of Networked Sensors
  • Cybersecurity Best Practices in Industrial Control System (ICS)/ Operation Technology (OT)